Effortless Operations

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Trail helps hundreds of teams complete thousands of daily checklists

Scale and protect your business with smart tasks for teams to follow

Distribute checklists to sites, integrate with existing systems, manage teams by exception. Simpler for staff and better for business - Trail makes operations effortless for everyone.


Restaurants, bars and hotels are keeping tabs on due diligence procedures and streamlining their days


Grocery, fashion and department stores are able to scale and communicate more efficiently

Health & Leisure

Medical facilities, health clubs & tourist attractions are digitising paper processes

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Daily Checklist
What needs doing now?

A simple trail of tasks for teams to follow one by one, step by step

  • Distribute tasks
    Create and manage tasks for multiple locations
  • Paperless compliance, Health & Safety
    Replace the clipboard, post-its and excel sheets
  • Accountability
    Assign owners & deadlines to track who did what when

Keep a growing business on track

Manage training, compliance and workflow from the centre, helping everyone hit the same standard - every day

  • Manage by exception
    Focus attention where it's needed most
  • Real-time updates
    Notifications and email summaries bring reports to you
  • Analyse trends
    Manage compliance and run audits with data exports

Right information, right place, right time

Trail is much more than a checklist. Connect Enterprise software & services to deliver the data your teams need for informed decisions

  • Actionable information
    Increase business performance by highlighting key data
  • Critical processes
    Actions from stock, labour, cash & customer satisfaction
  • Incoming & outgoing data
    Connect systems & data to other services via the API

Works seamlessly on all devices

Well-designed apps shouldn’t just be for the home. Trail delivers intuitive and beautiful software, for happier working days.

  • Web app
    A seamless web experience on modern browsers & devices
  • Simplicity
    A relentless focus on the very best user experience

"Trail helped us get rid of paperwork, gave me visibility across a growing business, and helped all our teams hit the same high standard”

Vincent McKevitt - Founder of Tossed

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