The complete operational hub

Distribute and monitor all your recurring processes

Trail for Managers

More than just a checklist, Trail integrates seamlessly with all your existing software and services, to become the central operational hub for your entire organisation.

Keep your teams on track

Distribute tasks throughout the business to maintain operational standards & compliance as your operations grow

Build a connected business

Automatically trigger tasks with the right information for the right people, by integrating with over 200 systems

Manage operations by exception

Focus attention where it’s needed most. Cut the noise with critical notifications and trend reports for a clearer picture

Rolling out

Trail is not like other IT projects. Setting up is painless, it works on the web-enabled devices already on site and not only is training not required - Trail is the training

Trail for Teams

Trail is intuitive with no need for training. It works on any device so you can get your tasks done quickly and get back to your customers.

What needs doing right now?

Every site or team gets its own simple Trail of tasks, focusing on just the ones for now. Get them done quickly, get back to customers

Compliant with confidence

Prove to managers and auditors that your team is up to date, with digital audit logs and comment threads for a complete history

Just like other apps

If you use Facebook, Whatsapp or just about any new app, the Trail experience will be refreshingly familiar

Transform your operations
with a 30 day trial

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